Tours, Sightseeing

Tours, sightseeing are the two best activities you can do during your holiday in Lombok. Our private arrangement is a suitable way to see much Lombok around.

Tours, sightseeing Lombok

Lombok offers great tourist destinations in Indonesia.  The riches beautiful nature and cultures are the best you can see on Lombok island. There is also a volcano trekking you may try to do while in Lombok island.

We do arrange private and group tours, sightseeing, and trekking with our professional tour Guide. The tour arrangement should be made in advance to keep your space.

Recommended Tours, Sightseeing Packages

There are many beautiful places to visit in Lombok. Our tour packages are most recommended and suit to your holiday budget. We set up the great tour packages and make them more simple combination with the professional tour Guide.

Here below are some of our best tours and trekking packages:

There are many more tours and trekking packages we offer, you can find them through the tour packages menu. Otherwise, you can make a booking for Lombok tour through the search box.

Tours, Sightseeing in Sembalun

You can see the beautiful sightseeing around Lombok island, especially in the south and east Lombok. In the East Lombok, you will see Tete Batu which is lying under the foot of Mount Rinjani. The rice field and the fresh air are always the great things you can enjoy in this place.

While in the West Lombok, you will see the beautiful rice field in Sekotong. It is the great view offer the ocean of Lombok Strait. You need to go hiking for 1 1/2 hours here. Sekotong is about 45 minutes from Mataram and Senggigi.

Sembalun is also the best place to visit on the Northeast Lombok. Lying on the Northeast Lombok, Sembalun is the most popular with the strawberry farming. You can visit both in Sembalun, trekking to the Pergasingan hill or just do hiking at Bukit Selong.

The Best Time to do Tours

Indonesia has 2 seasons of the year, they are dry season and rainy season. The dry season is mostly coming from April to September, and the rainy season is coming from October to March. So according to the season, you are better to visit Lombok during the dry season.

Due to the season is changing in Indonesia, means there are not really large raining during the rainy season. And as well as the dry season, so you can still do the Lombok tour during the raining season. You will much see the green forest and savannah, especially in the South Lombok.

For the Rinjani Trekking, it will temporarily close during the rainy season. From October to the end of March. So we don’t really recommend you to do a volcano trek during this season. You may plan the volcano trekking during the dry season every year.