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Komodo Island Tour

Komodo Island tour packages aim to accommodate your best experience visiting the Komodo Dragon Islands in Indonesia.  Komodo National Park is the only place where you can find the largest lizard in the world. These Komodo Dragons are wild and most are found on the 2 largest islands; Rinca Island and Komodo Island. Our Komodo Island tour will accommodate a variety of Komodo tour packages at the best price range.

Our Komodo tours from Labuan Bajo are the best selection to do your Komodo tour. However, you can also join the Komodo trip from Bali and Lombok. These are also easy starting points to visit Komodo National Park.

We offer a variety of Komodo boat trips and comfortable boats with professional crews. Most running boats are high-speed boats and Phinisi boats. They depart daily from Labuan Bajo, West Flores.

Komodo Island Tour

Best Komodo Island Tour Packages

There are a variety of Komodo Tour packages you can book. They depend on your time and travel budgets. At Lombok Touristic, you can find any budget for Komodo tours. We offer the most updated Komodo National Park trips.

Here are some of the best Komodo tour packages to book:

  1. A one-day Komodo tour with a speedboat from Labuan Bajo. This tour package will offer more than 5 places in Komodo National Park. The package is a shared tour and you will be going with more than 10 other people on the boat.
  2. 2 days Komodo tour package from Labuan Bajo. This tour package is one of the best choices if you want to see more places. You will also enjoy a one-night stay on the boat at Komodo National Park.
  3. 3 days 2 nights Komodo tour from Labuan Bajo. This is the most popular package for Komodo National Park. You will be able to explore all the amazing places in Komodo National Park. This tour package is available in a shared package and private.
  4. 4 days Lombok Komodo tour is one of the best Komodo explorers from Lombok. This tour package is leaving 3 times a week. Exploring the best destinations beyond Lombok, Sumbawa, and Komodo National Park.

There are a few more tour packages operating on different itineraries. Check out more Komodo tour packages for details. otherwise, you can contact us for more information to find great tour arrangements. Our team will reply to all the requests within 24 hours.

What do you get when joining our Komodo Tour Packages?

The things you get when joining the Komodo tour with us depend on what type of tour you book. We offer a variety of Komodo tour packages such as a full-day komodo tour and Liveaboards (3 days 2 nights). The services will be different for each part of the tour but generally, there are not really big differences.

Below are the things you get when booking a Komodo tour with us:

  • A boat trip from Labuan Bajo
  • Meals 3 times a day if you take a live board and lunch box if you take a full-day tour
  • Tea and coffee (not for a full-day tour)
  • Snorkeling gear and life jackets
  • Tour Guide
  • Fresh fruits
  • Cabin rooms/deck, depending on the tour you book (not available for full-day tour)
  • Hotel transfer to Labuan Bajo

Things that do not include:

  • Insurance
  • Additional expenses
  • Komodo Entrance Fees
  • Medicine
  • Accommodation in Labuan Bajo
  • Flight Tickets
  • Tips for Guide

For more information, you can go to each tour package. Each Komodo tour offers a different complimentary. You need to check the very detailed information on the package.

Getting to Komodo National Park

Here are the best ways to get to Komodo National Park:

  • Flight from Denpasar, Bali for approximately 1 1/2 hours to Labuan Bajo and then join a boat trip from Labuan Bajo.  You can also do a flight from Jakarta or Lombok. to Labuan Bajo.
  • Join the Komodo island tour boat trip from Lombok or Bali. This Komodo boat trip is scheduled 2 or 3 times a week, especially from Lombok.

Lombok Touristic offers Komodo Island tours from Lombok. You will visit some places beyond Lombok and Sumbawa before getting to Komodo National Park. Places like Kanawa Island and Moyo island offer the best places to visit. You will hike on Kanawa, and enjoy the spectacular view, and on Moyo, you will visit Mata Jitu Waterfall.

Our Komodo Island tours from Bali depart every day. You can take a flight from Denpasar to Labuan Bajo and then get on the boat to Komodo National Park. You can also book a weekly Phinisi boat from Benoa to Serangan South Bali. These boats offer some stops such as in Nusa Lembongan, Lombok, Moyo Island, and many more.

Recommended Activities in Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is famous for being the homeland of over 5.000 species of Komodo Dragons. Besides the Komodo Dragons, the park also offers a world-class underwater world, beautiful landscapes, and beaches.

The park consists of three large islands and some beautiful surrounding islands. Two of the islands are the main place where the Komodo Dragons are home, they are Rinca and Komodo Island. While the other one, Padar island shows a spectacular view and its beautiful island formation.

Below are the recommended things to do:
  • Diving is probably the best activity you can do. Komodo National Park is rich in underwater life, it is a world-class dive site.
  • Komodo Dragon adventure on Rinca and Komodo Island. These two islands are the most likely to see the world’s largest lizard, Komodo Dragons.
  • Hiking on Padar, Gili Laba, and Kanawa island for great views. Padar Island is the most spectacular island with its formation. It is perfect to enjoy the sunset on this island, while Gili Laba also offers a spectacular view, the best to have sundown.
  • Lounge at Pink Beach/Long beach in the north of Komodo island. Enjoy the pink sandy beach, snorkeling, swimming, or hiking on the other side for a great view and take pictures.
  • Enjoy Taka Makasar, a sandy bar island
  • Snorkeling at Manjarite Beach. It is one of the best snorkeling spots with beautiful corals and riches of colored fish.
  • Snorkeling with Manta Rays at Manta Point. It is one of the best places to spot Manta Rays in Komodo National Park.

There are many more activities you can do while traveling to Komodo. Contact our team for more information about the best activities.

Best Places to Visit in Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is famous for the world’s largest lizard called Komodo Dragons. However, the National Park also offers beautiful beaches, sightseeing, and world-class underwater marine life. It is popular with amazing dive sites, there are over 20 dive sites to explore in the Park.

For the best tour of Komodo island, we have selected all the best places to visit. You can explore them all on a one-go trip from Labuan Bajo. All the places are very recommended to visit for your great holiday activities.

Below are the most recommended places to visit:

  1. Kanawa island. It is an island that is located close to Labuan Bajo, about a 1 1/2 hour boat tour. The island offers beautiful beaches and an amazing coral reef, a perfect island for snorkeling, swimming, and relaxing.
  2. Manjarite Beach is the perfect place for snorkeling and swimming. Enjoy the beautiful coral gardens here.
  3. Rinca Island is one of the largest islands in Komodo National Park. It is the best island to spot Komodo Dragons and trek for spectacular views.
  4. Kalong Island is also famous as flying bath island, it is a small island surrounded by mangroves. There you can enjoy the sunset while watching the bats flying over the island.
  5. Komodo Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the homeland of over 2000 Komodo Dragons. You can spot Komodo Dragons on this island.
  6. Pink Beach or Long Beach is a coral fragmentation that is brought pink-colored sand. It is located on the north side of Komodo Island.
  7. Gili Lawa island is an island located on northwest Komodo Island. The island has two main parts; Gili Lawa Darat and Gili Lawa Laut. Both are perfect for sunset, trekking, snorkeling, and swimming. You can also enjoy the white sand beach on the island.
  8. Manta Point is a place where you can spot Manta rays. You can enjoy snorkeling with schools of Mantas here.
  9. Taka Makasar is a sand bar that offers a beautiful formation. It is close to Manta point. Enjoy a walk, swimming, and snorkeling here.
  10. Padar Island is one of the largest islands in Komodo National Park. The island offers stunning views, perfect for sunset and sunrise. Enjoy trekking to the top for a spectacular view and great island formation.
  11. Kelor island offers spectacular views and white sandy beaches with a clear blue ocean. It is perfect for hiking, swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing on the beach.
  12. Angel Island is a pure white sand beach island with crystal clear water. Enjoy perfect snorkeling and swimming on the island.
The above places are the most recommended to visit while on your Komodo tour from Labuan Bajo and Bali. To explore more places, you can join the Komodo island tour packages.

Travel Tips Before Planning a Komodo Island Trip

For those who plan to visit the Komodo, it is useful to read some of the travel tips once entering the Komodo National Park.

Komodo Island or Komodo National Park is the home of over 2000 Komodo Dragons. It is the only place where you can find the world’s largest lizards. They are wild and dangerous, therefore we aim to give a few travel tips before you plan to visit the National Park.

The following tips are probably things you need to pay attention to for your successful trip to Komodo Island:

  • Komodo National Park is a place where the Komodo Dragons are inhabitants. Do not scream while you are on the island. Keep silent during the trek, if you need something, you can reach your tour guide or ranger.
  • Baby Komodo are often in the trees, be care full and keep watch once you trek on the island. Make sure you are safe during the trek on the island.
  • The islands in National Park are very dry and easy to burn. You are not allowed to smoke or make a fire on the island.
  • The trip to Komodo Island is not recommended for a woman in their period, heart attack, and other physical problems. You are also not recommended to wear a red color t-shirt, because Komodo Dragons will detect blood.
  • If you do diving or snorkeling in the National Park, please do not touch any underwater creatures or corals. Do not step into the corals.
  • Do not leave any trash while on the island, keep the National Park clean.
  • The ocean around Komodo has a strong current, make sure to book your Komodo boat trip for a safe and comfortable boat trip. Find the one that has an international standard of safety.
  • If you are a Photographer and expect to use a drone on the islands, you need to have a license from the authority to use a drone.

The Best Time to do a Komodo Island Boat Tour

In general, Indonesia has two seasons of year, the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season is coming from October to March every year. Meanwhile, the dry season will come from April to September every year.

The most recommended time to do a Komodo island boat tour is during the dry season, between April to September. However, you can also do it during the rainy season, the best recommended is November, December, and March. During this time you will enjoy the islands looking green and have good visibility to do diving.

If you want to see the Komodo Dragons mating, you need to visit in May. This month is the time when you will find Komodo mating. You will also enjoy exploring the other islands quite calmly as there is not so busy a season. For a landscape photograph, it is also the best time to do a shot.

Komodo National Park Entrance Fees

The Komodo National Park entrance fees are stated on the days you visit. If you are visiting the National Park during a public holiday, the cost will be IDR150,000 per person for foreigners. Meanwhile, if you visit during working days, the National Park fees will be IDR250,000 per person.

The cost is not including trekking for wildlife on Komodo Island and Rinca Island. Yet you will still pay IDR10.000 per person for wildlife trekking on Komodo Island and Rinca Island. Snorkeling and diving fees will include together with your diving trip or on your Komodo island boat trip.

The Park entrance fees are updated in 2022, there will be a new policy every year on the fees. On this page, we will keep updated if there is any change in National Park entrance fees. Contact our support team if you need any help or more information.

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