Kalong Island

Kalong Island is located between small group of islands in the area of Komodo National Park, the island famous with its millions of bats with the various sizes.

Kalong Island is located about 8 km from the Port of Labuan Bajo which is can be reached by sea travel for approximately 1 hour. This island is a mangrove forest area whose role is important in the balance of nature, especially the oceans.  As the original habitat of bats, Kalong island become one of the beautiful destination to visit.

Usually Kalong Island crowded at sunset and at the same time likes to be the location of the ships to stay overnight ships. The reason why many ships are abandoned in the area of ​​Kalong Island is in addition the island is stay close to Rinca Island (the main purpose of sailing trip), but also because it is considered safe from tidal currents in the Flores Sea which is quite cruel because of mangrove plants that can withstand waves As well as currents.