Komodo Island

Komodo Island is located in the West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The island is known as the place where more than 3.000 Komodo Dragons are living.

The Komodo Dragons are the wild monitor lizard, and it is the world largest lizard. Komodo island is surrounding with the mangrove shrublands, coral reef, savannah, and forest.

The island of Komodo lies between the substantial large neighboring islands, Sumbawa to the West and Flores to the east. The island surface area covers 390 square kilometers.

Getting to Komodo Island

The way to get to Komodo island is as following details:

  • Join the boat trip from Labuan Bajo. The tour company offers a variety of tour packages such as full day tour and many more.
  • Flight from Denpasar to Labuan Bajo, and then book a boat trip to Komodo island.
  • 4 days trip from Lombok with the phinisi boat.
  • Get on the Pelni, the biggest ship which schedules 2 times a month.

There are more tour operators that offer the best tour packages to Komodo island. You may go to the Komodo island tour package for details.

The Best Time to Visit Komodo Island

There are the best period of times in a year to visit Komodo island. The best time we recommend is during the dry season. This is to avoid the rough condition and raining on the island.

Indonesia has two seasons, raining and dry season. The dry season is from April to the end of September while the raining season is from  October to March.

When you plan to visit Komodo dragons, all you need to do is prepare yourself physically. You will have to do trekking during on the island to find the Komodo dragons.

Things About the Komodo Dragons

Komodo dragons are the wild largest lizard in the world. Here are some tips when you visit Komodo Island:

  • Fid a reliable travel agent
  • Never try to go alone
  • Keep silent during you are on the island
  • Do not smoke, the island is very dry, it is easy to burn.
  • Keep your eyes during the trek, baby Komodo's are sometimes on the tree.
  • Report to the ranger when you find a problem.
  • Woman on their period is not recommend
  • Make sure you always with the ranger.

There are still many more you have to know, you will find out when you are there. The ranger will let you know things you should avoid during you are there. To see more Komodo tours, you can go to search box or visit our partner at Labuan Bajo tour packages.

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