Batu Payung

Batu Payung is named after Indonesian language which is mean “an umbrella stone” Batu is stone and Payung is umbrella. Batu Payung is located on South side of Central Lombok about 1 1/2 hours from Mataram. This is one of the beautiful tourist destination you have to visit in Lombok. Otherwise there are also some others places to visit before Batu Payung.

Accomodation and Restaurant

There is no accommodation or Restaurant around. If you need to have lunch, you need to go to Tanjung Ann or you can have lunch in Kuta. Kios or Warung are most open in Tanjung Ann, so if you need to buy some snacks, soft drinks or other stuff, you must buy in Tanjung Ann. Accommodation are centralized in Kuta and some in Gerupuk. Batu Payung is stay close to Tanjung Ann and Merese Hill, about 15 minutes with the outrigger boat.

Getting to Batu Payung

The best way to get to Batu Payung is book tour packages in Lombok or you can rent a car or motorbike with us. If you are in Mataram or Senggigi area, our driver can pick up from your hotel. The tour will start at 08.00AM and you have to be ready at the hotel lobby at least 30 minutes before. Otherwise you can contact our office if you find any problem with your tour.

Our tour packages will visit some other destination on the way such as Kuta Beach, Traditional Sasak Village called Sade, Tanjung Ann or other places.

What activity can do in Batu Payung?

Things you can do here are surfing, pictures or you have a beautiful sunset on the small hill. Please no alcohol allowed here due to the district government  authority.

This place is one of the best spot for having sunset in South Lombok. And it is a much relaxing place to enjoy on your vacation.