Tour Packages in Lombok

Tour Packages in Lombok by Lombok Touristic Travel will accommodate all the holiday activities on Lombok island. Our Lombok tour packages will include multiple-day tours and overnight tour packages.

At Lombok Touristic, you will only find selected tour packages. You will experience joining our sunset tours, beaches, sightseeing, cultures, diving and snorkeling, rafting, surfing, and waterfall tours.

We ensure you will enjoy exploring the island of Lombok with our professional tour guides. Check out the detailed tour packages and book the best for your holiday in Lombok.

Best Time to Do Tour Packages in Lombok

Like many other places in Indonesia, Lombok also has two seasons every year. There are rainy seasons and dry seasons. The rainy season is coming from October to March every year. Meanwhile, the dry season is coming from April to September.

Lombok can actually visit at any time you want. It is depending on your holiday plan and schedule. If you want to enjoy the more the island looks green, the rainy season is best to do a tour in Lombok. However, most travelers are recommended to visit during the dry season.

For the Rinjani trekking tour, we recommend visiting during the dry season. It will close during the rainy season, from October to March every year. As well waterfalls, it is best to visit during the dry season.

How many days in advance for I to book the tours in Lombok?

The Lombok tours can book at least one day before the departure. But this is not very recommended to do. We recommend booking two days before the departure date.

For you who make a last-minute booking, please contact us for more information. Otherwise, you can check the availability online via our website. Our website shows a live tour availability.

For overnight tours, we recommend booking at least one week in advance. This is better to get a better arrangement by our team. And also you will not really be in hurry to arrange other things dealing with your holiday.