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Travel Tips

It is always important to know about travel tips when visiting a place. Lombok is the main destination of holiday activities that we offer. This culturally and geographically diverse region boasts some of the most beautiful places to visit in Southeast Asia. Ranging from beautiful beaches, active volcanoes, coral reefs, surf spots, underwater marine, ricefield, and small paradise islands.

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Traveling in Groups

Traveling together is a fun thing to do while on vacation, you can even share all the things that fun together, ranging from hotel where to stay, travel to attractions and even parties together, posing together and so forth, fun is not it?

But there are some things you need to consider when traveling in group, whether vacation with family, friends or school friends, office friends, collage friends, etc . Here are some tips that might be enough to be your consideration when doing a vacation with groups; Make sure you have the group that want to have a traveling together and then make your destination plan together after that prepared to collect the funds then transportation and even activities to be done together, foods, hotel where to stay and so on agree that you can start your journey. The other important also in doing traveling in groups is you have to be flexible and be patient, why? Because everyone has different ideas and different desires, that's why you need to be patient and more flexible in consensus.

Traveling with a beloved family or friends is a fun and can build a more intimate togetherness between each other. Joy together, photos together and so forth is a thing that cannot be forgotten and become a moment to be remembered in life.

Lombok Touristic Tours and Travel is a travel agency that also accepts or organizes trips in personal and group, for group booking we provide some quite interesting packages equipped with adequate facilities to travel a pleasant group. The tour packages in the form of groups usually get a discount for the group starting from the number of 10 people. This Tour Group is valid for Lombok trip only for a while and for other areas such as Komodo, Bali and Flores we are developing and one day we can use it to offer travelers. We Do not limit travelers by Country, but we prefer to accept all travelers from any Country. So do not hesitate to book your package tours through our website.

We also need to inform you that to receive group booking must be done a month before departure so that more in preparing maximally by us in serving you.