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Terms & Conditions

Limitation & Responsibility

Here are the limitation and responsibility of terms & conditions:

  • Lombok Touristic is a Tours and Travel agency which is arranged the following activities; Multi-Day Tours, Car Rentals, Fast Boat Transfers and Mount Trekking in Bali, Lombok, Gili Islands, Komodo Island, and Flores. We will not responsible for any activities outside of the above mentioned.
  • Lombok Touristic will not responsible for any loss, damages, injury, missing flight, the accident during the activity which is caused death, late departure and pick up or delay, inconvenience causes the government to act, civil war, demonstration, and road traffic.
  • Lombok Touristic Tours and Travels have a right to cancel or re-schedule the program or activity in the event of operational reasons or bad weather.
  • We will not responsible for any additional charge caused by delay, re-schedule or other reason.
  • Programs are not suitable for heart attack, the infant under one year, pregnant woman.

Booking and Payment Terms & conditions

  • Bookings should make at least 2 days before departure or tours activity, booking is only provided online through our booking system, not manually mail or by phone.
  • We will send the booking confirmation and a voucher to your e-mail. The e-mail that you input when you make a booking.
  • The booking form provided on this site has to fill out completely, do not miss every single part of the form provided.
  • The booking made without any payment in 24 hours will be released automatically and it is our right
  • We provide two payment gateway online through Paypal and Bank Transfers, Bank Account provide on the payment Chanel.
  • We don’t accept any cash payment made on the date or your trip.
  • The bookings will issue after we receive full payment as per the activity you book.
  • We will not responsible for any booking made without authority and under issued voucher of Lombok Touristic.


All prices listed on this website are the authority of Lombok Touristic and we have the right to change any time we want without any period notice.

Operation Time

Our operation time is 24 hours for online booking and the phone is operating from 09.00 am until 05.00 pm (we will offline the phone after 05.00 pm).

Cancelation & Reschedule

  • The cancelation made 3 months before the trip will refund 75% of the total amount of payment.
  • Cancelation made 1 month before the departure will refund 50 % of the total amount of payment.
  • Cancelation made 5 days before the departure date will no refund.
  • Change the departure date is subject to availability. If there is no availability on the chosen date, the available date is applied.
  • The refund is subject to the cancelation policy.
  • The cancelation and change date procedure is by sending us an email through our contact form.

Note: Follow the terms & conditions for your best activities booking.