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Lombok Island

Lombok Island is an island in West Nusa Tenggara which offers a lot of amazing tourist destinations to visit. The Island which stays in East Bali is much developed in the last few years, especially the tourism sector. Lombok also surrounds by some small islands call Gili which means small. To see more Lombok Island, you can book the tour package to Lombok with us.

The History Of Lombok Island

Lombok was made up of numerous competing and feuding petty which is presided by Sasak Prince. Bali was taking advantage of Lombok Island disunity in the early of the Seventeenth Century. Meanwhile, Makasar also invades Eastern Lombok from their colony in Sumbawa.

In 1674 Dutch has visited Lombok and Dutch East India Company to conclude its first treaty with the Sasak Princess. Then Bali was taking over the whole island in 1750, but the Balinese infighting result in the island split into 4 feuding the Balinese Kingdom. In 1838 Mataram Kingdom brought its rival under control. The relation between Balinese and Sasaknese in West Lombok was harmony.

In June 1894 the governor-general of Dutch East Indies Van Der Wijck signed a treaty with Sasak rebels in the Eastern Lombok.