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Banyumulek Village Lombok Indonesia

Banyumulek Village Lombok Indonesia is a village in the sub-district of Kediri, Lombok West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Banyumulek has been a center for pottery industries throughout Lombok Island since the 1990s. There were 80% of the population has been involved in the work.

When you visit Banyumulek Village, there you find people producing pottery along the way to the village. You will also find a school for pottery production. This emphasizes that Banyumulek is the center of pottery in Lombok.

The village of Banyumulek slowly becomes one of the tourist destinations due to the producer of pottery. They welcome all tourists, domestic and international. The main point is they will show you how to produce pottery. And you will also buy some of the Banyumulek hand-made pottery.

In previous times, the villagers produced pottery such as jars and barrels to store rice for their own needs. Along with the development of Lombok tourism, Banyumulek is now popular with pottery villages. Now they can market handicrafts internationally.

Getting to Banyumulek Village Lombok Indonesia

Banyumulek village is about 15 minutes from Mataram and 25 minutes from Senggigi. It is 1 hour from Lombok International Airport and 2 hours from Kuta Lombok. Here is the way to get to Banyumulek from the main tourist areas in Lombok:

  • Book a Lombok day tour at Lombok Touristic. The package covers visits to places such as Sade, Kuta, and Merese.
  • Get on Ojek or Bemo from Mataram. It takes about 15 minutes to get there.

Private cars are also available for rent at the Lombok travel agency. You can go to the car rental menu for details of car types. The price is a quota per day for the Lombok area only.

Restaurants & Accommodations

There is no accommodation in the Banyumulek Village Lombok Indonesia at the moment. If you want to get close, you need to stay at a nearby place such as Mataram. There are a variety of accommodations in Mataram.

Restaurants and Warungs are available near the village. Just drive back to Gerung, and you will find some local food restaurants. Some western cuisine is available in Mataram areas. For your best Lombok activities, you can search for our best Lombok tour

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